Cattle and Tree’s

We can all agree that trees are special, right? I think that The Arbor Foundation would agree with me. I mean that have that whole Tree City USA program, urging cities to be greener. At AC CAttle Company we love Cattle and we Love Tree’s! So we’ll be talking a lot about both! To learn more about us, head on over to our about section.

I live in one of those cities, and I love it! We hope that this blog inspires you to love trees as well. We want you to learn how to care for your trees, what tree services in Oklahoma City to call for aid in caring for your trees.

Trees reduce the number of urban heat islands within cities. Trees produce moisture into the air from their leaves aiding in cooling down the air around it. Having a tree’s shade to cover your home can quickly reduce the amount of heat permeating your house. In the summertime that’s a big deal, especially if you do not have air conditioning, therefore lowering your energy cost by about 30%.

Trees give us humans so many other things like paper, furniture, or REAL maple syrup! A tree increases the value to your property by about $7,000. Some trees leaves are ideal for mulching your garden and flower beds. And there is that oxygen production thing too, 260 pounds of oxygen to be exact. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of 4.

The amount of carbon a tree can absorb in a year’s time is equivalent to one car being driven 26,000mi. In a tree’s lifetime, it can absorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide.
Are you feeling the arbor love yet?

Did you know that tree-lined streets can make you happier? It’s true. In general, a tree-lined street clams and slows traffic down. Meaning that tree-lined street you live on is safer because of its deciduous beauty. Not to mention that time of year where the leave change color before. Like many others, that is my favorite time of year.
So please go forth and explore our little blog. We dare you to discover your love for trees. Maybe you’ll hug a tree after reading a post in this blog. But most of all we want you to learn about all things tree and tree related.

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