Fall Foliage DIY

It’s Fall y’all! We love tree’s and cattle and decorating for fall!

A new season is upon us; time for snuggly sweaters, hot cider, and all things pumpkin. Perhaps the image most synonymous with Fall would be the beautiful colors found in nature at this time of year with the leaves on the trees beginning to change from green to red, yellow, orange, brown and every shade in between. There are many ways to enjoy the fall foliage; from a beautiful scenic drive to a meandering stroll through your neighborhood, and with a little inspiration, and a small collection of your favorite fall leaves you can even incorporate nature’s beauty into some quick and easy do-it-yourself craft projects for your home.

Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to get festive and creative with your fall foliage.

Leaf Rubbings

Appreciate the beauty of nature with this simple craft that is fun for all ages.

Supplies: Interesting leaves of all shapes and sizes, lightweight paper, colored pencils or crayons, clear contact paper (optional), notecards and glue sticks (optional)

Place your favorite leaves underneath the lightweight paper and bring the unique patterns to life by rubbing over the top of the paper with the side of a crayon or colored pencil. Young children love to see the leaves begin to show up like magic. If you want to take the project a step further, you can “laminate” the rubbings using the clear contact paper and make bookmarks or placemats, or you might choose to cut out your leaf prints and apply them to a notecard for a festive touch.

Leaf Garland

Decorate any space, large or small, with this elegant leaf garland.

Supplies: Interesting leaves of all shapes and sizes with stems attached, twine/jute/cotton string.

Measure an appropriate length of string to meet your decorating need (across your fireplace mantel, for example). Leave a few extra inches as the string will become shorter as you tie knots. Choose your first leaf and tie it by the stem onto your string. Continue, spacing leaves as you wish and varying sizes and colors according to your desired look. You can make delicaite mini-garlands using cotton string and small leaves, or make a garland with more presence by tying larger leaves onto jute or twine.

Fall Wreath

Give your home an inviting and festive touch with this Fall wreath.

Supplies: A wire wreath frame, leaves with long stems, 2-3 inch wide wire-edged ribbon, hot glue gun and glue (optional), silk flowers/berries/ribbon for added embellishment (optional).
Tightly wrap the ribbon around the wire frame, overlapping about one inch with each rotation. Completely cover the frame in this way and knot the end of the ribbon on the backside of the wreath. Choose your leaves and tuck the stems into the “pockets” created by the overlapping ribbon. Continue around the frame adding more leaves until you reach the desired fullness. You can use a hot glue gun to tack down any loose leaves and to add additional embellishments if desired.

Tis the season to take a walk, breathe the crisp fall air, gather a few leaves and get crafty!