Things to consider prior to building a treehouse 

Did you ever have a treehouse in your early childhood? If so you would totally agree that it is a magical aspect when you run wildly to a wilderness or even backyard just to build a treehouse. A treehouse is private hideaways for other kids.  

However treehouses isn’t just an adolescent boy place, they are nowadays weekend cabins, man caves as well as Victorian mansions. Treehouses are really fascinating thus should you be having treehouse building fever well what follows is a list of things you should consider prior to buying timber for your treehouse: 

  1. Selecting A Tree 

Two most crucial things that you have to consider is choosing the tree’s stability and structure. The place which you are choosing the tree from should be in a relaxing and peaceful. Otherwise you will not want to ever use it. 

  1. Tree’s strength 

Is the structure going to be supported by the tree?  It is important that the tree is hardwood and with a basic trunk diameter of 12 inches. It has to be sufficient in supporting structures of 8 square feet. And another thing how old or young is your tree? A young tree is what you should go for and nothing more or less. I mean do you want a tree that has aged which will collapse in unison with the treehouse that you have worked hard for?   

  1. Mounting

Several treehouses are entirely supported by the tree’s weight. To make this successful, drilling a “treehouse attachment bolt” is compulsory in the tree’s trunk. It does not aim at damaging the tree though other arborists debate that by doing so the tree is exposed to a lot of stress. Another consideration that you should think of is the support of our treehouse via digging beems below the ground. By doing so, a bear load or a staircase is created which the tree would have absorbed. An additional technique of mounting is building hexagonal patterns round your tree and letting the structure’s weight squeeze the trunk. Thus with this weigh, your treehouse hangs off the treehouse in a more- less manner. 

Apart from the above important considerations, here are additional considerations that you might want look at: 

  1. Permits

Before you even start, you might want to know if building a treehouse requires a permit from the county government or local government. And if so, receive the permit then go ahead to building your luxurious treehouse. 

 In other cities, building treehouses require restrictions in relation to your neighbors’ view as well as getting to meet building codes. Do you plan to possess running water in your treehouse, then it is just but necessary to have building permit. 

  1. The entrance

A thrilling part in your childhood is climbing the treehouse of either your neighbor’s or fortunately yours. Do you remember that moment? Yes the grand entrance is very necessary, so to mention. How will you get to the top of your treehouse is it via an adjacent rope bridge platform or maybe mechanical pulley? It would be very interesting to see your treehouse by the way!